Meeting Ms. Rathert, New MP Leader


Ali Zolman, Reporter

Earlier this year, Burroughs administration created a new position, the Director of Service Learning, and selected Meghan Rathert to fill it.

Rathert has had previous experience in the service community: she formerly worked at Missouri First Steps, an early intervention system that works with families who had disabled children and has volunteered with The Literacy Project through her church, and other church activities. This exposure helped her gain many valuable skills when it comes to people and help- ing them when they are vulnerable.

Every unique situation dictates the abilities you need in Rathert’s industry, highlighting the adaptability needed to succeed and assist people the best you can. Despite this, there are still general skills that she believes are incredibly important. For example, being able to “learn on the spot” and “meet people wherever they are” often are utilized. She also says that you have

to have an open mind, be ready to change your perspective, and have that ‘oh!’ moment when you realize “I hadn’t thought of it that way.”

These skills also translate to her professional organizing business, called “Courage 2 Organize,” where one of her main philosophies is “how can [I] support you best?” This includes listening to people, understanding their needs, and cooperating with them. “If I organize their homes in the same way I organized mine,” she said, “that wouldn’t be helpful to them.”

All of these skills have led to her new job (which she says a friend tipped her off to) and her work with Burroughs’ community service club, Montgomery Plan. While they have not had many events yet, Mrs. Rathert says she is “excited to see where it’s going” and that her experience with everyone here has been welcoming and comfortable.

Other students feel the same way. Lauren Keeley ‘21 says, “I think it’s going to be really good to have someone in charge full time; service is quite important in our community, and dedicated leadership is going to facilitate some great strides in the program overall. She also appreciated Mrs. Rathert’s hiring, saying, “She fits very well into the community and into the image Montgomery Plan is trying to fulfill. She is passionate about getting everyone excited to help people, which really shows through in everything she does.”

Leyla King ‘21 adds, “As soon as she took things over…, she seemed to know what she was doing. She’s really made sure that club leaders are on top of things. I can’t wait to work with her more throughout the year”.

While the year is still beginning, Mrs. Rathert has found a place here, where she can use her skills and help Montgomery Plan and other service projects be the best they can be.