What the Hay is Commons Cafe?


Bella Strawbridge, Reporter

“Commons Cafe,” also known by other names including “Hit the Quad” and “Rock ‘n Roll in the Grassy Knoll,” is an annual event at Burroughs that has taken place for years. Every fall, with the help of Student Congress, the grounds crew, Light and Sound and volunteer student performers, the JBS community puts on a night of performances in the Quad. Acts range from musical performances to stand-up comedy, the only criteria being a willingness to perform in front of students, faculty, and the rest of the community. Along with around 20 performances, the night usually consists of a bake sale which supplies a constant flow of hot chocolate, pizza, and donuts to enjoy while being serenaded by friends and peers.

When asking JBS students about their experiences at Commons Cafe, Kavya John ‘19 said: “It’s one of my favorite nights at school. The cozy and chill vibe gets you really excited for fall, even when it’s inside [because of bad weather]. And because there is always a wide range of performers there’s definitely something for everyone.” And Aidan Taylor ‘19 said that the first word that comes to mind when thinking about Commons Cafe would “definitely be talent”. As someone who has participated in Common’s Cafe before, I would say the same things about it. Commons Cafe is a really great place to step out of your comfort zone, and for me, I know it’s a place where I get to share something I really love with the Burroughs community, music. In my experience, Commons Cafe is the most fun when all different grade levels not only show up to support and enjoy the performers but also when there is a variety of grade levels in the performances as well.

Some of my first JBS memories take place at Commons Cafe. Memories include showing up early for soundcheck, managing pre-performance nerves (especially when I was an underclassman) and finally hearing my name being called to go up and perform.

The feeling you get being onstage and looking out at your friends and family huddled in blankets, under twinkle lights, and if it’s outside, stars, are something I think every student here would benefit from. It’s a unique experience that the JBS community makes really special, and I’d encourage everyone to attend, or even perform at least once in their Burroughs career.