Scholastic Art and Writing Awards List


Hallie Williams, Editor-in-Chief

Emerson Young Artists’ Showcase Winners

Saint Louis Artists’ Guild

Exhibition Dates: March 7 to March 30, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 7, 2019, 5pm–8pm

“Emerson Young Artists’ Showcase is a juried, all-media exhibition of artwork created by high school students between 15 and 19 years old residing within 150 miles of the St. Louis Artists’ Guild. The annual Young Artists’ Showcase has supported artistically inclined students for over 60 years.”

The juror of the exhibition is retired art professor Margaret Keller who is also a practicing artist. The opening and awards ceremony will be Thursday, March 7th from 5 to 7 pm. The following nine JBS students were accepted to the show.

Amy Phillips

Kaelin Borcherding

Sarah Herbster

Eli Hurwitz

Irmak Kasinir

Holly Wei

Janie Shanahan

Emma Schoenecker

Will Forsen

Missouri Scholastic Art and Writing Awards


Gold Key Recipients

Ben Guller, Photography

Avi Dundoo (three total), Drawing & Illustration and Architecture & Industrial Design

Silver Key Recipients

Avi Dundoo, Drawing & Illustration and Sculpture

Irmak Karasinir, Comic Art

Gabby Randall, Drawing & Illustration

Hallie Williams, Photography and Drawing & Illustration

Jason Zhou, Mixed Media


Honorable Mention Recipients

Avi Dundoo, Drawing & Illustration

Zoe Scully, Sculpture and Drawing & Illustration



Gold Key Recipients

Adina Cazacu: Journalism, Critical Essay, Flash Fiction, Personal Essay/Memoir

Rahul Jasti: Personal Essay/Memoir

Lauren Keeley: Poetry

Max Kellaher: Poetry

Leyla Fern King: Poetry

Alexandria Latuda: Flash Fiction

Ria Mirchandani: Poetry

Oviya Srihari: Poetry

Ann Zhang: Poetry, Critical Essay, Humor, Short Story (3), Flash Fiction (2), Dramatic Script, Science Fiction/Fantasy

Carrie Zhang: Short Story (2)


Silver Key Recipients

Knowlton Beck: Flash Fiction, Critical Essay

Rafi Brent: Poetry

Adina Cazacu: Critical Essay, Journalism

Tina Chen: Poetry, Personal Essay/Memoir

Abby Greenberg: Short Story

Eli Hurwitz: Writing Portfolio

Teresa Jiang: Personal Essay/Memoir

Ethan Kalishman: Short Story

Benjamin Kazdan: Short Story

Leyla Fern King: Poetry (2)

Keerthana Madireddi: Dramatic Script

Maddy Pass: Poetry

Isaac Ohrenstein: Critical Essay (2)

Oviya Srihari: Poetry    (2)

Lillian Yanagimoto: Poetry

Ann Zhang: Short Story

Carrie Zhang: Flash Fiction, Short Story


Honorable Mention Recipients

Knowlton Beck: Critical Essay (2), Flash Fiction

Madeline Buchowski:    Short Story

Sara Cao: Short Story

Adina Cazacu:    Journalism, Short Story

William Dong: Critical Essay

Abby Greenberg: Poetry

Eli Hurwitz: Personal Essay/Memoir

Leyla Fern King: Short Story,    Poetry

Alexandria Latuda: Short Story

Erin Lamping: Short Story

Akash Mallady: Personal Essay/Memoir, Flash Fiction

Isaac Ohrenstein: Critical Essay

Anju Sadasivam: Writing Portfolio

Divya Srihari: Critical Essay

Ben Stettin: Short Story

Ann Zhang: Dramatic Script, Journalism, Short Story

Carrie Zhang: Poetry