Legally Blonde


Ava Teasdale, Reporter

Based on the iconic movie, the play Legally Blonde follows the story of Elle Woods (played by Isabella Koster) as she follows her boyfriend to Harvard Law School. Though initially her peers don’t think much of her intelligence, Elle Woods surpasses expectations and proves to everyone that there is much more to her than her blonde hair and pretty face.  Burroughs transforms the Broadway musical, making it our own. The show is put on by students in grades 9-12. The performance will be in Haertter Hall at 7:30 pm on Thursday, February 28th, Friday, March 1st, and on Saturday, March 2nd.  Ninth grader Liam Taylor is excited to be in his first high school production and is eager to build on his experience in previous middle school performances. Taylor is excited for people to see “a play whose plot people are already familiar with, but with our own touch to it, like all the fun songs.” Being a fan of the film Legally Blonde, Taylor adds that “it’s really cool to see a great movie live on stage.” Taylor also notes how Legally Blonde strikes a perfect balance as a
production that’s inspiring and sincere but also lighthearted and funny. Between practicing all the music and scenes, the cast and crew have been busy putting the musical together. Liam agrees that “the rehearsals are tiring, but it’s worth it.”         On the other hand, senior Kate Stengel saw participating in the play as an opportunity to try something new during her last year at Burroughs. When asked about the cast, Stengel was highly complimentary of the lead actors and actresses. Isabella Koster as Elle Woods, “is amazing–along with all the other leads.” “We worked really hard on a huge show, and it’s crazy that we pulled it together this month. It’s going to come together really well,” says Stengel.  Stengel knows everyone can enjoy the musical because “it has lots of moving parts, so you’ll never get bored.”
Legally Blond 2019-811After being in several of the school’s productions, senior Aidan Taylor says that Legally Blonde has “definitely been the most unique show experience I’ve ever had. One of the most special things is that Taylor is both directing and choreographing it, and that’s super impressive”  Although Taylor agrees that this play is “the biggest show we’ve done in years,” the production has many students that are newer to acting. “The fact that there are so many new faces is great
because some really talented people joined this year that haven’t done it in the past,” says Taylor.
Sophomore Nina Zhu explains that Legally Blonde is one of the toughest musicals to put on, due to how much everyone is needed for the show to run smoothly. There are many singing parts and set changes within one song–requiring everyone to know what’s happening on stage.” Zhu adds that her most memorable moment was “watching every single person working hard to learn their part and seeing the show finally come together.”

Though their rehearsal time was more limited than previous years, Nina insists that “our worry drove us to work harder, enabling us to put on an amazing production.” The entire cast and crew of Legally Blonde have been working hard to put together such an intricate production, and they urge everyone to come out to Haertter Hall at 7:30 pm to see their hard work and talent come together in the performance.