Meet Mrs. Abbott


Mr. Abbott. Our leader. The man who keeps everything at Burroughs together has been a longstanding source of conversation for students attending Burroughs. However, has anyone ever wondered what his wife – Mrs. Abbott – does?

Mrs. Abbott was born a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Midwest in New York, but she didn’t stay there for long. From ages one to four she lived in Massachusetts, and eventually she moved to a small town in northern Kentucky, a suburb of Cincinnati. She attended a small elementary school but transitioned later to a much larger high school. Mrs. Abbott has said that the change was hard, but a close friend made it easier for her. When she became older, Mrs. Abbott went to Kenyon College in Ohio, which coincidentally is the same college Mr. Abbott attended. There were about 1,600 students there, and although they were going to the same school, Mrs. and Mr. Abbott did not meet until later. They had friends who were dating that set them up when they were older.

When Mr. and Mrs. Abbott were first married, they lived on campus of another school where they were both teaching in Virginia. When they moved here, they didn’t live on campus at first, but once Mr. Abbott became head of school, they moved into the white house near the Price Road parking lot.

Like Mr. Abbott, Mrs. Abbott has a passion for education. For a while, she taught photography and was a middle school counselor, but she currently works at University United Methodist (UUM) Preschool. Her main role as a preschool teacher is simply to help the kids make friends, though she teaches a variety of different subjects. Mrs. Abbott says that she loves to see children she taught in preschool enter into Burroughs, even if they don’t remember her by then.

Even though Mrs. Abbott is connected to Burroughs through her marriage to Mr. Abbott, she is also the mother of three Burroughs students, two of whom have already finished their Burroughs career. For her, she is a parent first, and that really changes the way she views Burroughs. Before Mr. Abbott became head of school, she was already a parent. Although being the wife of the head of school has changed things, she is still connected to the school, mainly through her parenting. She loves watching games just for fun, or watching kids tire themselves in cross country from her window. One setback about living on campus is that they don’t get any trick or treaters on Halloween! On the whole,  Mrs. Abbott loves living on campus and attending sports games or concerts. Mrs. Abbott is a kind person, who everybody should say hello to and visit, especially on Halloween night.