Dance Show

Dance Show

Eesha Jasti and Uma Rayani

 The dance show has been an integral part of the Burroughs theater department for many years. not only giving students the opportunity to fly something new but also allowing dancers to continue dancing without the rigorous commitment of continuing to dance outside of school.

     The show has always been a highlight of the winter season for many, and this year’s dance show was no exception. Many audience members expressed that this year’s show was one of the best dance shows that they had been to.This year 66 dancers took part, supported by a crew of 11. There were 31 dances, choreographed by 27 students. An immense range of styles were included, from contemporary, country, hip hop, tap, jazz, Bollywood, and Thai. “Dance show does a great job of including many different styles,” says Kate Uy (’23).

     The show opened with an impressive majorette style dance called “Homecoming,” choreographed by Jillian Mays (‘21) and Lindzy Okafor (‘20). The first act closed with “Spirit,” choreographed by Jaqueline Harris (‘22). This dance turned heads as the audience watched in awe as the students danced in the aisles. The whole performance closed with a crowd favorite, “MJ,” choreographed by Lindzy Okafor. Not only is dance show an impressive performance to watch, it also presents opportunities to explore different things and make lasting friendships.

     Natalie Richter (‘22) says, “Dance show is an experience unique to Burroughs that gives you an opportunity to try new things and make friends with people you never knew before.” Ella Galvin (‘22) shares a similar view to Richter as she says, “I became close with so many people that I had never talked to before dance show.”