Star Sophomore Athletes

Ava Teasdale, Reporter


     Erin Lamping (‘22) is a sophomore swimmer who broke a school record in the 500 freestyle with a 5:12.01 time.  Long before her days on the Clayton Shaw Park (CSP) Elite team, Lamping’s time in the pool began at six-years-old, and when she was nine, she joined a year-round club team. “It’s not like I was some super-fast prodigy child,” Lamping added jokingly, “I just worked hard and liked the sport.  Though she tried many other things, such as soccer, Lamping quickly realized that swimming was her passion and that was also where she found the most success.

   As she moved up the ranks of her club, the demands of the sport increased, and she now swims close to 14 hours per week for CSP.  That means two-hour practices six days a week, in addition to the brutal morning practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which last from 5:15-6:15.  With so many hours spent in the pool, juggling the Burroughs workload alongside competitive swimming can get tricky, though Lamping manages her time well and prioritizes school, thanks for her understanding coaches and supportive family.  

     All the hours in the pool paid off when Lamping broke a Burroughs record.  Recalling the day, she achieved her goal, Lamping said “she couldn’t stop smiling.”  Though reaching the time began as an ambitious target at the beginning of the season, the 500 freestyle has become Lamping’s favorite, and best, event.


TYSON FORD                           

     Tyson Ford (‘22), a standout athlete in 10th grade, is a key member of the Burroughs basketball team.  He began playing basketball when he was 10 and is now a forward at JBS. Ford is clearly dedicated to the sport, as his practice schedule often involves training multiple times a day.  Ford often begins his day with a 6 AM workout, along with after school practice from 3-5:30 PM. Sometimes, Ford will work out even more after that.

     When the Burroughs basketball season ends, Ford plays club basketball with the Eagles Elite, in addition to football.  Training for basketball and football certainly takes a lot of Ford’s schedule, and paired with the Burroughs workload, balancing athletics and academics becomes difficult.  “I still don’t know how I have As and Bs,” claims Ford, “because sometimes it gets really frustrating.”

     Looking at his future in basketball, Tyson is excited to continue playing with his close-knit team of players and coaches at Burroughs.  Beyond his high school career, Tyon aspires to play football in college, “but if basketball presents itself, I will think about it.”