Potpourri 2020


Sylvia Barnes and Madeline Pass

     Due to clear circumstances, the popular Burroughs tradition of Potpourri has been cancelled from its usual date of the last Saturday in April. Though there are undoubtedly larger losses from the COVID-19 pandemic, the JBS community will surely miss the special week, which includes Potpourri lunch, Recycled Rags, and, of course the ultimate weekend of shopping. 

     Although Potpourri will take place in 2021, it is still undetermined whether there will be twice as many items for sale or the normal amount. There is currently not enough space for storing items from this year and next year, but if needed, Burroughs will arrange for extra storage. During Spring Break, there were two sorts left, and Potpourri promotion had started with raffle tickets available. There was also a request for volunteers sent out by email, and before the cancellation, the Potpourri team had just had a meeting with the plant operations. Ms. Rosen-Huitt, a Potpourri co-chair explained, “We were getting all geared up, the real fun was about to happen with move-in week right around the corner!” 

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     Potpourri is one of the many spring events beloved by the JBS community. As Zoeya Khan ‘23 put it, “I’m very sad that we were not able to have Potpourri this year. I look forward to it because it is, of course, the ‘happiest week of the year,’ but also because I like to see what treasures I can find. I miss set-up day and riding the carts around and laughing at weird stuff that my friends and I find.” Amy Weston ‘23, a new student this year, said, “I heard so many great things about Potpourri when joining Burroughs and it’s pretty upsetting not being able to experience it. I’m looking forward to experiencing Potpourri next year.”

     Ms. Rosen-Huitt went on to say, “Potpourri over the past year has been the most fun. Together with a group of amazing and dedicated volunteers, both parents and grandparents along with the entire JBS Community are the best partners, it was sure to be a record breaking year! Looking into the future, Potpourri 2021 will return and will be as fun as it always is!”