Anonymous Student Narratives

  • “In seventh grade I expressed my support for Trump over Hillary and a white person said, “you? But you’re like……but you’re like brown, the GOP wants you back where you came from.”
  • “I’ve heard lots of jokes about my religion.”

  • “A student asked what my favorite fried chicken place was.”

  • ” “During lunch of my first year at JBS I was wearing a shirt that had Japanese writing. I had a job that day so as I was doing my job, one of the upperclassmen called me over and asked what it said on my shirt. […]

    At first, I didn’t have much of a reaction because I’ve become so accustomed to being asked questions like that over the years. […] Maybe this wasn’t with bad intention, but I hope that our students know better.”

  • “I’ve been bullied and harassed due to my mental health. People found it funny to spread facts about my mental health and joke about it around me and to me.”