JBS TikTok Stars


Estelle Ballet and Allie Dornfeld

     Recently the social media app, TikTok has become a sensation among teenagers around the globe, with over 500 million users worldwide. TikTok, an app for sharing short 15 second videos, has allowed many young adults to “go viral.” The most popular creators such as Charli D’Amelio, who has 23.5 million followers and over one billion likes, are able to make a career for themselves due to these short videos. Many users hope to produce videos that will be featured on the “For You” page which guarantees likes and views, but few are able to accomplish such a feat. To achieve this goal, much of what determines the success of one’s video is luck and timing. And although 11 this task seems daunting, at John Burroughs we have our very own students who struck it big. Here are the top five of our very students who have managed to engage the TikTok audience and produce at least one viral video.



Lola Fernandez (‘20) 

Username— @flat.earth

1.1M views 143.2K likes


    Coming in at first place and producing the top viral video from Burroughs is Student Body President Lola Fernandez.  Known to her TikTok fans as @flatearth, she is a consistent sight on the “For You” page. Lola struck fame in March of 2019 by dueting a video and acting as a happy mom at her daughter’s birthday party. Throughout this short 15 second video, viewers can watch Lola point to a loaf of bread with a candle, simulating a birthday cake, while the other tiktoker struggles to blow out the candle. Since then, Lola has produced a number of other videos with at least 25 thousands views. She continues to pave the way and inspire the younger generations both in the Burroughs and TikTok community. 


Calvin Gelle (’24) 

[email protected]_21 

1.1M views 136K likes


     Closely following Lola, eighth grader Calvin Gelle has also shot to fame after an October 2019 hit. His viral video —ranking the attractiveness of certain girls— highlights a darker sense of humor that is very popular among the TikTok community, and it incorporates a playful side as well. Calvin, the youngest and only male among the top five TikTok Bombers, shows that the popular app is not just for one age or gender.


Amy Philips (‘20) 

[email protected] 

708.9K views 224.4K likes

     Amy Phillips has repeatedly made it on the “For You” page for various types of videos. Her most famous creation showed off her artistic skills with a plan to draw on her white Doc Martens to create a unique and fun shoe. Later, a video where she posted the results also received popularity. A recent video about her dramatic haircut also received 241K views and 67K likes.


Cece Fernandez (‘23) 

[email protected] 

3762K views 41.9K likes


TikTok fame must run in the family! Cece Fernandez, captain of the C Cheer Squad and Lola’s younger sister, has had two videos go viral for their humor and relatability. The first featured her pet fish Sizzle, which she bought without her parents permission, and shows Cece jammingto a popular TikTok track with the lights of her fish tank. Her other viral video shows Cece highlighting popular St. Louis treats like gooey butter cake and toasted ravioli. Cece’s success offers a prime example of the importance of posting at an optimal time: her St. Louis video coincided with a brief moment when the city was trending on TikTok.


Cecelia Gossow (‘21) 

[email protected] 

144.1K views 221K likes

     Celia Gossow created a video in December 2019 which showed her developing film at home. Like many of her TikToks, the video gained attention for its creativity and unique aesthetic. Celia can also be seen dancing in many of her videos, showing off the same impressive skills she has demonstrated at past Burroughs Dance Shows.