Page’s Policies? They Should Work

Julian Schenck, Sports Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be the most prevalent issue in everyone’s lives. Whether it be going to school, seeing our friends, or playing sports, we feel the virus’ impact. Sam Page, St. Louis County Executive, issued new guidelines pertaining to the aforementioned daily activities, including what to some are the most important restrictions regarding sports contests. On November 13th, Page stated that the only reason to leave home currently should be to work or school, to exercise, to shop for necessities, or to take care of any severe medical needs. These restrictions are certain to decrease the average person’s exposure to the virus, as they are not coming into contact with very many people, depending on the situation.

In the past month or so, many athletes in the student body at JBS have had to quarantine for days and weeks after potentially coming into contact with a fellow Burroughs or opposing athlete who tested positive for COVID-19. A large majority of both the Varsity and “C” football teams had to quarantine for several days leading up to Varsity’s district championship game against Union. While most of the players were able to come back for the game, these players could not practice at all during the week, which proved costly as they lost to Union 26-7. Members of both cross country teams had to quarantine following a very successful performance at the state meet, as well as the hockey team due to both a positive test on an opposing team, as well as a positive test from a member of the team during a practice. These three separate events resulted in a massive drop in the attendance of students in-person at school. When all of these teams were in quarantine, only three or four students present in classes was common, and lunch periods saw several empty tables. While most of these students only had to quarantine for a short amount of time and did not contract COVID-19, concerns are raising about the severity of this virus. Just one case can affect a large group of people, which provides reason as to why Sam Page tightened the restrictions. The new St. Louis County COVID-19 restrictions decrease the likelihood of large scale exposure to the virus, and in the event of a positive test, large quantities of people will be sent into quarantine less often.