New Middle School Principal

Allie Dornfeld, Layout Editor

On Wednesday, January 20th, Mr. Abbott announced in assembly that he had found a new seventh and eighth-grade principal. Following Ms. Harris’ departure last March to begin leading The Biome School, Ms. Ervin served as the 7/8 principal but stepped down this fall due to personal reasons. The job was then temporarily filled by Ms. Thorpe, while Burroughs tirelessly searched for the perfect candidate. After interviewing applicants from all over the United States, it was decided that Linda Churchwell-Varga would become the new Middle School principal. This name is familiar to many of the students, parents, and alumni in the Burroughs community, largely because of her over 25 years of experience teaching at New City School as a fifth and sixth-grade teacher, as well as her several years of work at Aim High St. Louis. Ms. Churchwell-Varga received her BA (bachelor of the arts) in History from Spelman College, and went on to earn her MAT (masters of arts in teaching) from Wayne State University. In 2019 she received an Emerson Award for Excellence in Teaching, and in 2013, Ms. Churchwell-Varga took a three-week sabbatical to travel and teach in China over the summer. This summer, on July 1st, she will officially assume the position of 7th and 8th grade principal.

Those who are acquainted with Ms. Churhwell Varga know of her contagious enthusiasm and constant joy that she brings with her into the classroom. She has the ability to engage and encourage students of all ages, justifying Mr. Abbott’s decision to hire her through the eyes of anyone familiar with her presence in the classroom. According to the New City School website, she is committed to helping her students grow to become “good humans.” Macy Goldfarb (‘23) who had Ms. Churchwell Varga as both a sixth-grade teacher and advisor, recapitulated these qualities, and expressed her excitement “for her to be at Burroughs, but even more excited for the under school students who will get the opportunity of knowing her.” Hopefully, by the time Ms. Churchwell Varga takes her position, she will be able to experience the Burroughs we know and love without the restraints of the COVID-19 pandemic.