Campus Construction


Ella Shactman

Construction Workers begin building on the JBS campus.


The construction of the combined JBS Science and Library building will occur throughout this entire school year. This temporary inconvenience will affect all of us. However, the Class of 2018 may suffer the most.

For the last several years, leaders at Burroughs have educated us about the benefits of this new building, and rightfully so. During the construction, thinking about these long-term benefits will distract us from the inconvenience of the relocated science building, and the sound of jackhammers, bulldozers and forklifts humming outside the classroom windows. Most of us believe that these future benefits outweigh the initial nuisances.

Unfortunately, the senior class will have a different experience because they will never be able to use this new building. Beyond their disappointment due to their inability to use the first-rate facility, seniors, such as William Bartnett ‘18, have expressed their worries about the construction disrupting the ambiance of Graduation Grove and their last moments as students of Burroughs. Adding insult to injury, construction woes have bookended this senior class, with new buildings appearing both at the beginning and end of their time at Burroughs.

Students of all grade levels enjoy the Quad, a well-defined space for throwing a Frisbee or football. Sam Holmes ‘18 fears that this construction will threaten students’ access to the Quad.
Even if the Quad remains open, another issue could emerge: the construction zone turns into, essentially, an elderly neighbor’s backyard where anything that goes over the fence is unlikely to come back. However, unlike an elderly neighbor, the noise emitted from the construction zone will be as loud as the neighbor who races a Ford Mustang up and down the street.

Despite these drawbacks, Phoebe Sklansky ‘18 is still hopeful about the completion of the construction and believes that it is worthwhile, regardless of the negatives. Sklansky, though, is also thankful that she doesn’t have a science class next year. Science classes have been moved to a pair of temporary buildings near Laughing Lake. The larger of the two buildings consist of eight science classrooms, while the smaller consists of four labs.
Nonetheless, most seniors — and the rest of the student body — share universal enthusiasm for this new building. Its impressive features, from the environmental friendliness to the innovative designs such as the library space, inspire us all. Sklansky believes the building adds to the campus’s appearance and contributes to the cohesive style of the buildings at Burroughs. This new building maintains the old aesthetic appeal while incorporating modern design.

All of us will watch this structure develop throughout this year, and upon its completion, we and thousands of students to come will truly admire this magnificent addition to our campus.