Thomas Dobbs
Thomas is the Managing Editor and joined the World as a seventh-grader.  Writing for a newspaper had always been a dream of his, primarily due to the intriguing combination of creating a tangible finished product through a dynamic and challenging progress. Outside of the World, he plays varsity Tennis, participates in the Debate Club, Model UN, Current Events, and Young Republicans, and works at St. Louis Zoo. His favorite subject is History, though my preference may have been swayed through the compelling and engaging styles demonstrated by both Mr. Wagner and Ms. Lorencz. He is most looking forward to the continued journey through high school as it will allow him to sharpen his focus on passions he wishes to pursue professionally. A fun fact about him is that he suffered a cervical spinal cord injury and concussion in seventh grade from a fall in downtown University City. Despite his full recovery, he claims “walks along Delmar still initiate flashbacks to a haunting ambulance ride while temporarily paralyzed from below the neck.”

Thomas Dobbs, Managing Editor

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Thomas Dobbs