Sisters Work with Advocacy Group for Change

Sahana Madala, Reporter

Burroughs is home to many young leaders who are fighting for change and equality. As the world is struggling with the current pandemic, we need more leaders like Summer (‘24) and Yara Levin (‘22). During quarantine, Summer says she has become more involved in advocacy and improved her taekwondo and baking skills. On the other hand, Yara says she has been busy with advocacy and has become more involved in the community.

Summer and Yara work with an advocacy group called RESULTS, an organization that “influences the policies that impact your life and the lives of millions of people around the world.” One of the best things about RESULTS, Yara explains, is “It’s everyday people. Anyone of any age can join.” Some volunteers work domestically and others internationally, meaning there are a wide variety of issues that are addressed. Members write letters, make calls to Congress, and bring attention to important ideas in the media. RESULTS usually focuses on global health and education; however, helping countries with COVID-19 relief funding and delivering future vaccines are the biggest priorities as of now. Other current, important issues are helping to halt eviction rates and aiding in rental assistance. Before the pandemic, RESULTS had worked on a variety of issues such as maternal-child health, global education/nutrition, and tuberculosis. Yara reveals, “we were practically raised in RESULTS because our mom was super involved and joined when we were toddlers. Me and Summer were brought along to Congress meetings.” She adds, “Our mom would be making calls to members of Congress while we were eating breakfast and that would be a very normal thing.”

It’s everyday people. Anyone of any age can join.”

— Yara Levin

During free periods, Yara would bring call scripts and ask people to call Congress. Summer states, “I was working on the READ act for most of my time with RESULTS which was passed after 10 years.” The READ act is a bill that promotes basic education and responds to the needs and capacities of developing countries to improve literacy as well as other basic skills. Summer also says, “RESULTS always give you all the support and tools you need to dive down into high powered actions.” Any student or parent can take action. Several Burroughs students are already involved with RESULTS. If you would like to join, contact Yara or Summer at [email protected] or [email protected] You can also check out their Facebook page or to stay informed and take action. RESULTS is a great way to be involved within the community and become a leader.