Club Feature: RISE


Race and its Intersectionality with Socioeconomics

R.I.S.E. is a club surrounding the importance of intersectionality in race and socioeconomic status — this being a combination of economic and sociological status determined by factors such as education, income, and place of residence, along with many others. We hope to inspire important, but difficult conversations within our JBS community. Race and socioeconomics, while sometimes uncomfortable to discuss, are very present and influential in various levels of our country. While we hope that we can grow and build an environment in which everyone regardless of race, socioeconomics, or any other identifier is treated equally, we recognize that this cannot happen unless we hold ourselves accountable. To do this, we would like to inspire our peers here at JBS to be willing to learn and discuss these topics that may seem uncomfortable so that we can create a better, more inclusive school society that can then be applied elsewhere. If any of these ideas are striking to you feel free to email any of the leaders.

Our Leaders: Jillian Mays (‘21), Jacquelyn Harris (‘22), Molly O’Brien (‘22), Evan Harris (‘22)

Our Sponsor: Andranique Harrison