Halloween Puns

Sara Cao, Reporter

It’s freaking bats, I know we all love Halloween! Whether your Halloween activities include getting sugar high from goblin too much candy (hehe get it), not being able to sleep because of the horror movie marathon you just watched, going to a party, or (if you’re like me) watching “The Office” Halloween episode too many times, I think it’s safe to say that most, if not all of us love the thrill that spooky season brings us and that there is no (f)right way to celebrate it. Even though the majority of us are too old for trick or treating, Halloween is a holiday that never fails to pump(kin) us up and I could (g)rave on and on about it. It is on a Wednesday this year, but the holiday being on a weekday will not stop us from watching “It” a (skele)ton of times until our brains hurt or singing the Ghostbuster’s theme song until our voices break. Milah Padda, a freshman, stated that “Halloween is a holiday that reminds me of adolescence but there is also a scary vibe that makes you want to do stuff out of the ordinary.” The fact that this day is so unlike others gives people a way to express themselves creatively and it is probably the only day of the year in witch it is socially acceptable to dress up as what one truly is inside, for example, some people dress up as snakes, devils, or even a can of salt (psych, just kidding). In conclusion, Halloween always brings us a un-boo-lieveably gourd time and we should never be afraid to creep it real during spooky season. Let’s make it our ghoul to have the best Halloween we possibly can this year (sorry the puns are so candy corny)!